Danielle Von Keller offers a variety of services related to fashion and styling. Below are a few such services. If you have a request for a service beyond the scope of the below, please feel free to reach out!


How we can help

Image Styling

Are you launching a new product or in need of a fresh perspective on an upcoming editorial? Using our industry knowledge and experience, we will develop unforgettable images focusing on your unique campaign.

Services Provided:

  • Photography

  • Styling

  • Image consultation

Ease your shopping experience

Personal Shopping

Does the idea of shopping induce feelings of stress and anxiety? Do you love fashion but despise the shopping experience? (We agree - fluorescent lights are not our friend.) We are here to ease the hassle of shopping. After discussing your needs, wants, and style, we will do the legwork to make your closet amazing and inspiring. Venturing through Chicago's best boutiques and department stores, your personal shopper will pull pieces matching your lifestyle, body type, and personality. And of course, the garments and accessories can be delivered to the comfort of your home. 

Services Provided:

  • Personal shopping

  • Coached shopping

  • Location and other shopping advice


The Best Dressed

Event Styling

We’ve all been there: you receive an invitation for a wedding, party, charity gala, or other black tie event, and realize you have nothing to wear (or are just tired of your current options). No matter the event or budget, our personal stylists have you covered. Depending on your preferences, we can review your closet and upcycle existing clothing and accessories or set out to find the perfect head-to-toe look for you.

Services Provided:

  • Head to toe look

  • Rental or purchase

  • Styling using existing options


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Closet Renewal

Is that feeling of looking into your closet and having nothing to wear oh too familiar? We understand that moment when you stare into your closet thinking all your options are undesirable. Most of the time, that isn’t really the case. We will work with you to edit your clothing and accessories, removing unusable or ill fitting items and maximizing wearability of others. Through this process, we will go into detail about why certain pieces are more complementary than others.

Services Provided:

  • Closet editing

  • Clothing and accessory refresh

  • Styling existing options